plus Upgrading of Abyek Cement Factory
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Upgrading of Abyek Cement Factory

 Project Name: Upgrading of Abyek Cement Factory
Perdis Ruz Consulting Engineers
Abyek - 80th km of Tehran - Ghazvin Highway
  The purpose of this project is upgrading of Abyek cement factory and increasing its production throughput from 3000 to 8000 ton per day.
  Design, development of detail engineering drawings for foundations and structures of below-mentioned items has been accomplished by this company:

•Raw material crusher building and structure of kiln feed.
•Cooling tower structure and foundation.
•Crusher and kiln foundations.
•Blending silo with capacity of 12500 ton.
•Pre-heater tower and chimney (160m height) and cooler structure.
•Roller press and cement mill buildings and foundations.
•Clinker, cement, raw material, additive material and reject silos.
•Cement and clinker transportation galleries, conveyors and transfer towers.
•Raw mill and cooler ESP buildings and foundations.
•Packing plant, bulk loading and palletizing structures.
•ESP, pre-heater and mill fan foundations.