plus Polycom Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
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Polycom Iron Ore Concentrate Plant

 Project Name: Polycom Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
Fakoor Sanat Tehran (FST) Company
Polycom Iron Ore Mine – Sirjan - Keman
  Polycom iron ore concentrate plant construction project with production throughput 2 million ton per year located in Gol Gohar Sirjan iron ore mine has been defined as an EPC project.
  Design and development of detail engineering drawings for below-mentioned foundations and structures in the areas of crushing, handling and storage of raw material, stacking and reclamation of raw material, regrinding, storage of concentrate iron ore and truck loading have been accomplished by this company.

•Primary Crusher
•Cone Crusher
•Polycom Feeding
•Linear Stacker and Reclaimer
•Circular Stacker and Reclaimer
•Ground Bin
•Truck Loading
•Transfer Towers